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About Us


Panaceos app development was born out of a drive to create powerful and innovative apps for therapists, caseworkers, social workers, researchers and other public health professionals. By creating revolutionary apps for front line workers, we are making their efforts more efficient and more effective.

Panaceos app development's first product, the digital case manager, provides an APP which allows a clinician access to all of the services within a community at the tip of one's fingers. As a clinician has access to more services to refer a client to, the level of care for the client increases by leaps and bounds.

The digital case manager dramatically increases the number, speed, and quality of the referrals a clinician can make. By creating a self contained app which allows a clinician to search and parse down the best services for the client at hand, we have taken the search for services into the modern digital era.

Currently the digital case manager only works in the greater Southern California area. Since this is the home of Panaceos, it is the region of our greatest expertise.

We are striving to expand our coverage to every city in America and we need qualified individuals to help screen agencies that the digital case manager collects and displays.

Sean Ferrell

Sean is a graduate of Southern Utah University in Political Science and Philosophy and is attending the University of Southern California to pursue a Master's Degree in Social Work. Sean has always had a desire to help people in any way possible. During his undergrad years, he worked at several treatment facilities which helped at risk youth turn their lives around. During this time, Sean developed his love of working with others and decided to pursue a Master's degree in Social Work. While at USC and during his internships and school work, Sean saw that there was a lack of technological innovation in the field of Social Work. Along with Dr. Marcia Wilson and Anthony Thomas, he began to brainstorm ideas which could help social workers be more efficient and better assist their clients via technological means. Through the work Sean, Anthony, and Marcia developed the first programs that are built specifically for social workers; programs which utilize the newest methods of decimation and are on the cutting edge of technology. Sean founded Panaceos APP Development to be the first Social Work oriented technology company, which specializes in creating cell phone and tablet digital solutions for issues which all social workers face in their day to day work with clients.

Anthony Thomas

Anthony graduated from Southern Utah University with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Philosophy. He is currently working towards a Master's degree in Computer Science at the University of Utah. Anthony has worked as a software engineer for nearly 10 years, creating digital solutions and moving processes into the 21st century for companies such as Union Pacific. Anthony believes that rapid advance of technology can be used to improve people's happiness and quality of life. Together with Sean Ferrell, Anthony came to the realization that there were improvements in the field of Social work that could be made to directly help people in this way. As a co-founder of Panaceos APP Development, he is able create software solutions that assist Social Workers in helping those in need.